6 Essentials to Keep in Your Handbag

March 31, 2017
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We’ll hold out on the obvious. How often have you been out and promised yourself that next time you’ll carry some (insert item you wish you had at the time) in your handbag? Yet that still managed to never happen? Go easy on yourself, we never think about what’s in our handbags until we’ve left the house. For that reason, we’ve decided that today’s the day we get our handbags packed with all the essentials, once and for all.

Tissues aren’t carried in nearly enough handbags as they should be. Ready to counter any incoming disaster (be it in the form of allergies, tears, or a spilled beverage), tissues are a must have in any women’s handbag.

These shouldn’t only go in a first aid box! Throw them in your handbag for the day when you’re wearing in new shoes and end up with nasty blisters on your heels by lunchtime. Of course, they’ll always be there for minor cuts as well.

Healthy Snack
These 21st century days… You never know when they could take a turn. If you ever find yourself scrambling somewhere unexpected with no time to squeeze in lunch or dinner, make sure to always keep a healthy snack on hand in your bag.

Phone Charger
Continuing from the point above, as modern day women we know how our days can take a sudden unexpected turn. Whether you’ve woken up to realise your phone wasn’t plugged in correctly and so didn’t charge, or you spent too much time on it during lunch and drained the battery life, make sure to always have a portable phone charger on hand.

Safety Pins + Sewing Kit
What if a button pops or you bust the seam of your dress? Or what if the strap on your handbag comes loose or your necklace chain breaks? These things happen, and they can happen anywhere. Be prepared for the worst with a few safety pins in your handbag. If you can sew well, go the extra mile and throw in a whole sewing kit (mini, of course).

Feminine hygiene
There’ll be at least one point in your life that you’re grateful for carrying an extra pad or tampon – or if not you, another lady will be grateful for your help! For those unexpected moments when nature decides to say hi at the wrong time, keep a pad or tampon on hand.

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