6 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To Follow Right Now

August 15, 2018
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Instagram is hands-down the best way to get a peep behind the curtain and see how the stars live their lives beyond the big screen.


Check out these 6 celebrity Instas you absolutely need to follow.


Thank us later.






OK, so Amy Schumer’s job is literally just to crack jokes. This makes for some awesome Instagram satire.

She’s definitely not afraid to laugh at herself when its funny AND she’s also a massive advocate for body positivity, feminism and workplace equality.

What’s not to love?





The former Scrubs star’s Instagram game is seriously on point. His unique sense of humor really shows and if you’re a fan of Scrubs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that his Instagram persona is VERY similar to that of his character, J.D.





If you’re not familiar with Chrissy Teigen don’t worry – you will be soon.

Chrissy’s a mum, Sports Illustrated model and current host of wildly popular US T.V show Lip Sync Battle. Did we mention she’s hilarious?

Her Instagram follows her adventures as a Mum to two gorgeous kids and jet-setting around the world as a model, all with her loving husband John Legend.

We love it.





Star of popular TV show The Good Place (Watch it, its great), Kristen Bell, or Veronica Mars as we’ll always remember her, is constantly showing off what happens behind the set of The Good Place. Or, she’s showing off her endearing relationship with husband Dax Shepherd, always having fun together much to our joy (and jealousy).





It might surprise you that pop sensation Katy Perry has a pretty decent sense of humor. With one of the strongest caption games out there, she’s not afraid to laugh at herself if the situation calls for it. Or fire shots at others…. see below.






So, Zach and Cody have all grown up but it seems like they’re still living the sweet life. Cole Sprouse runs (probably) our favourite Instagram page of all time – Camera Duels.

Camera Duels is dedicated to him taking pictures of fans trying to sneak a picture of him without him noticing. While the photos are funny in itself, what makes the page great are the captions. Cole’s got a way with words. It’s almost poetic the way he describes these situations. It’s strangely addictive reading them. Enjoy.



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