6 Awesome Hairstyles to Rock at a Music Festival

January 26, 2018
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It’s that time of year again, when you’re either excitedly heading off to Bluesfest or Coachella, or enviously watching the action from your phone. Music festivals are the perfect place to try out some daring outfits and extravagant hairstyles you’d probably be a little too shy to pull off in real life. This year, though, even if you’re staying home – we reckon everyone should pretend they’re heading off to a music festival. Be inspired, rock the fashion, and chill out like 2017 is just one long, non-stop music festival.

To get you started, we’ve rounded up 6 hairstyles that we reckon would look right at home at a music festival. If you’re one of the lucky few heading to Byron or Coachella, why not give one of these looks a try? If you’re staying home, well, you might as well pretend you’re at a music festival, right?


Braids, braids, and more braids. Will any other hairstyle take over at music festivals? We doubt it. What makes braids so popular is that they can take on so many different looks and forms. We love this multi-layered braided hairstyle, a great way to turn something ordinary and repetitive into a unique style.

Image Source:  Aurora Braids


Purple Haze

A big, loose braid, surprise surprise. Boring on its own. Pair it with two toned hair and weave a bandana through the braid, however, and you’ve got a unique look that perfectly captures that bohemian vibe music festivals seem to be all about.

Image Source: Kirsten Zellers


Textured, Braided Bun

We love this braided bun. Colourful, layered, and heavily textured, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to an ‘intentionally messy’ music festival ‘do. And although it looks so complicated, this is quite an easy one to do! Mix and match the material you thread through your braids and you’ve got a new look for each day!

Image Source: Kirsten Zellers


Watercolour Dreamcatcher

So this one takes a bit of commitment and preparation in dying your hair multiple colours, but the results look incredible. You’ll be the shining ray of light at any music festival with hair this colourful and dreamy. Add the different sized braids and you’re practically a mermaid.

Image Source: Caitlin Ford Hair


Festival Floral

This one is so easy and can be personalised as you wish, depending on the flowers used, the hairstyle, and how many you decide to put in your hair! While waiting around for your favourite band to start, why not go for a stroll and pick a bunch of wildflowers?

Image Source: Festival Brides


The Gladiator

Will we ever get enough of braids? Probably not. This is another hairstyle that merges a couple of classic festival looks – braids and the top bun – into a new and unique style. We like the gladiator theme that’s going on here, add a bit of silver jewels and chains and you’ll be rocking something other than bohemian fashion for once!

Image Source: Fashionising


All That Glitters

What better way to channel those festival vibes than with glitter? A fun way to look like you’re ready to party, this look might be one that stays with you for a few weeks after the festival is over… Lots of glitter, rubbed into the roots of your hair. You’re clearly here to have a good time!

Image Source: HairbySophiePepper



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