5 Ways To Care For Your Footwear

November 22, 2017
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Most women are slightly (completely) obsessed with shoes. There’s something about a well-crafted stiletto that gets perfectly sane women seeing ga-ga – don’t worry we’re totally with you. But there’s nothing more disappointing than seeing your favourite pair of kicks go from looking gold, to old.

To help keep your shoe-drobe in fine form, we chatted to Brands Exclusive Footwear Buyer Hayley on what her essentials are when caring for shoes.

1. Waterproof!

This is my golden rule – waterproof, waterproof, waterproof! Whilst patent leather does have a small element of waterproof within it, most leather shoes are completely open to the elements. As soon as you get your shiny new shoe box, open up and give them a good spray of waterproofer/scotch guard – this doesn’t just protect from torrential rain, but all the elements. Don’t forget to give them a top up about once a year!

2. Storage is King

How do you store you shoes? If the answer is heaped in a tub somewhere, you may just break my heart. If you want your footwear to last the distance, keep them in their original packaging – it’ll stop them from being crushed and bent out of shape, as well as protect from dust build up. And as a bonus, it’ll help with re-sale when you do your next wardrobe clean-out!

3. One Man’s Trash…

When you open up your beautiful new shoes, and admire the craftsmanship what’s the first thing you do? If the answer is throw away all the excess silicon packaging – stop! Shoe brands package these up like this for a reason, hang on to them to help absorb moisture in the air and helps protect from mould.

4. Be Kind, Moisturize

Give your leather some loving once in a while –  aim for every 3-6 months. Invest in a good quality leather moisturizer, and with a paper towel or cloth spot test on a inconspicuous part of the design. If it’s all good, slowly work in the moisturizer for a brand new looking shoe!  In between, wipe the leather down with a damp cloth to remove excess dirt and grime.

5. Flat Out

If you’re worried about damage to beautiful heels, try packing some little flats in your bag for your commute. It’ll help protect from dirt and grime, to keep your works of art looking 10/10 – not to mention give your feet a rest.

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