5 Steps to Glowing Skin

December 7, 2016
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Gorgeous, glossy and gleaming – these are just a few words to describe summer’s latest beauty trend. We’re saying goodbye to heavy foundation, contouring and sculpting and hello to dewy, healthy and glowing skin this season. Join the wagon and achieve the most coveted look for summer with these five simple steps from Brands Exclusive’s Beauty Buyer, Jessica Travers.

Step 1: Face Base

Start with freshly-cleansed skin; like any work of art, a clean palette is always the first step. If you’re at home, opt for a scrub cleanser with granules to provide a deeper clean, or if you’re out and about, facial cleansing wipes will do the trick. Remember, ladies, hydration is key, so always apply moisturiser and a primer (with a tint) as your base to follow.

Step 2: Bright Eyes

Start with your eyes, as it means you can cover any mistakes with foundation. Take a fine eye shadow brush and trace the surround/crease of the eyelid with a gold/shimmer eye shadow. Fill in the lid with a wider brush and a brown/deep bronze shadow in a sweeping motion.

Step 3: Lay the Foundations

Select a foundation that will give you a light dewy finish and banish any blemishes or uneven skin tone concerns. Start from the nose/middle of your face and work the mixture outwards and evenly.
If you still have any spots of concern, overlay with a good concealer sparingly.

Step 4: Find Your Focus

Accentuate your best features with a liquid illuminator or a trusty contour palette – focus on your cheekbones, jaw line, brow bones; and don’t forget the décolletage! Less is more when it comes to highlighting, so do one area at a time so you can fix any hiccups easily.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Finish with a touch of loose/mineral powder applied with a kabuki or large powder brush – dust lightly across the face and focus on areas that can become too shiny too quickly i.e. the T-zone. Keep this one handy in your purse for touch ups, and keep yourself looking bronzed your entire night out.

Expert tip: A clear lip-gloss is the perfect accompaniment to any bronze goddess look; not only does it pick up the natural pink of your lips but it will also work back with the glow of your new look.

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