5 Reasons You Should Adopt a Work Uniform

May 26, 2016
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Mark Zuckerburg, Albert Einstein and Superman might not scream ‘style icon‘, but they’re actually pretty cluey when it comes to on-duty attire. These guys all adopted a work uniform, eliminated the decisions and distractions associated with what to wear, and, whether it’s a coincidence or not, enjoyed immense success in their respective fields.

And it’s not just men who advocate wearing the same thing to work every day. More women are coming ‘out of the closet’ per se, and extolling the benefits of paring down their nine-to-five options.

Here’s five reasons you should follow suit:

There’s no room for error
If you have selected your work uniform wisely, you will enjoy a 100% success rate at looking great. Don’t rush the decision though. Take note of what makes you feel most confident and comfortable, and pay attention to fall-back outfits – the ‘safe’ options you turn to when everything else fails you. Avoid fleeting trends and err on the side of classic. You don’t want to get sick of your uniform within the season, so save fashion flings for the weekend. Once you’ve found ‘the one’, buy x5 of it.

You’ll save money… maybe
We realise buying 10-ish new garments has probably burnt a sizable hole in your hip pocket, particularly if you’ve opted for quality – these clothes need to go the distance after all. However, the beauty of the initial investment is that those lunch-break impulse purchases you’re guilty of – you know the ones – will (hopefully) fall by the wayside. Put nine-to-five fashion out of your mind and watch your account balance even out.

You’ll be more productive
A sartorial experiment gone askew can be a huge distraction in the workplace. Whether your skirt fails the ‘bend over’ test, or your shoes are rapidly filling with blood, any kind of discomfort will weigh on your mind and draw focus away from the tasks at hand. Comfy, reliable uniform to the rescue!

It makes mornings easier (slightly)
Decisions, decisions. In other words, frantically sifting through your floordrobe trying on multiple outfits, muddling up clean with dirty laundry and getting stressed before you’re even dressed. A work uniform eliminates the faff and frazzle. Spend the time sitting down to a proper breakfast, reading the news, actually achieving your resolution to exercise every morning, or heck – getting an extra 30 minutes of shut-eye – we’re not judging.

But wearing the same thing every day is SO boring
Consider the trap we all fall into from time to time; wearing something swanky to work on a whim. Not so special anymore, right? It then gets relegated to wardrobe purgatory with all the other victims of the work/weekend overlap. Be like George Costanza and don’t let your worlds collide. You’ll get much more enjoyment out of dolling up on the weekend, and besides, we never said you couldn’t accessorise 😉

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