5 Reasons Why Your Jewellery Looks Cheap

January 25, 2017
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You’re simplifying things this year – think that never-fail jumpsuit for Saturday nights, and your navy-blue blazer for the office. But what seems like a wardrobe full of easy and always-stylish options can quickly turn sour with the wrong piece of jewellery.

Is this the end of accessorising for those of us whose gem stash doesn’t match up to that of Kim Kardashian’s? The key to keeping up with the jewellery-savvy is knowing how to spot a cheap-looking piece, and learning to fake it till you make it. Here are five warning signs to heed that highlight your jewellery is cheap.

It’s a little childish

If your 9-year-old cousin starts lusting over your latest buy, it’s time to re-evaluate your collection. Steer clear of cutesy shapes, best-friend hearts, charm bracelets, and animal pendants for a more expensive look. Heavily beaded necklaces are one step up from the macaroni creations we made in kindergarten, so if you have your heart set on beads, always take for a less-is-more approach.

The metal is too shiny

Don’t be blinded by the bright finish of inexpensive gold and mock silver – it’s the cheap paint talking. Polished materials such as gold, silver, and bronze dazzle with a naturally chic shine, but if you’re looking to save on a fake piece, opt for those with a slightly darker metal finish for depth and tone that looks classy, and pricey.


You’re turning green

When cheap materials such as copper or nickel react to the acidity on your skin, it can leave you with a not-so-glamorous green stain. Avoid marking your clothes and skin by sticking to 18-karat gold or higher, platinum, or titanium; and polish your silver regularly. If you’re still wanting to go the super-cheap route, try to wear your nickel jewellery in short bursts rather than all day.

Your fake gemstones are obvious

Say ‘no’ to cheap gemstones if you’re wanting to ooze elegance and sophistication on a budget. It’s always a tricky task to make blue plastic look like sapphires, so if you’re adamant on indulging your glitzy side with oversized stones, choose semi-precious such as quartz or amethyst.

Bigger isn’t always better

If you’re thinking a big statement necklace is the best way to jazz up a plain outfit, think again. Often the big and bedazzled pieces take it too far with colour and design. Avoid a busy mess around your neck and instead layer smaller, delicate necklaces for chic finish, or take inspiration from Michelle William’s Golden Globes look with an on-trend fabric bow choker.

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