5 Reasons To Get Out & Experience Sydney This Winter

June 16, 2017
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Oh, Sydney. So much to do all year, until that dark period between mid-June and mid-August. It’s too cold. Heading into the city, the streets are empty, an embarrassing admission of the fact that Sydneysiders simply can’t hack having a good time in the cold. We’d much rather stay in next to our Netflix and heaters than deal with the – what, 10°c – cold temperatures.

But, guys, this isn’t right. It’s actually not that cold here. And those of us who do have the courage to head out get to enjoy a whole heap of stuff that the rest of us would have never heard of. There’s tonnes of cool events for those brave enough to stand the cold. Actual fun events that are worth putting on a coat and gloves for.

We know you’re not going to take our word for it, so we’ll show you ourselves: here are 5 things that worth freezing your butt for this winter.

1. Marrickville’s New Art Deco Cinema

Firstly, it’s a new opening. Getting out of the house this winter to check out Marrickville’s new independent cinema means you’re ahead of the crowds. On top of the trends. There’s no better way to show off your street cred, and we’d rather be cool than cosy at home.

The cinema, named Addison Road Picture house, will open at the Gumbramorra Hall in Marrickville with a 300 seat capacity. Taking its inspiration from art deco cinemas of the 50s and 60s, the indie cinema has a vision to screen films and have band performances afterwards. Hmmm, doesn’t sound like a bad excuse to get out of home, hey?

2. Painting & Drinking Wine

That’s right, at the same time. Head to Surry Hills this winter and soothe your soul with a bit of art and vino. Cork & Chroma ‘paint and sip’ studio in Surry Hills is your cosy winter go-to when you need to do something different in order to be able to drag yourself out of bed.

Gather your mates, get a bottle of wine, and head to Cork & Chroma for some guided painting lessons. Every night there’s a new lesson or a new painting to learn. Learn the basics, or just ignore the teacher and do your own thing, and come back home with a fancy bit of art to hang on your wall. You won’t even notice that it’s cold when you’re so busy with your new life as an artist.

3. The West’s New Bouldering Gym

From the inner west to the west, there are plenty of reasons to get your arse moving this winter. And what better way to keep yourself warm and work off that extra winter chub than by hitting a bouldering gym?
Deep into a rock climbing craze, the new 9 Degrees Parramatta bouldering gym expands on the popular Alexandria-based gym. Westies need not dread a trip all the way to Alexandria to get their bouldering fix, a quick and easy workout is closer than ever! Do you see your excuses to stay home this winter slowly wavering?

4. Woof-Fest Dog Fashion Parade

You’ve probably read everything so far and thought, “hmmm yeah maybe”, but now you’ve seen dog fashion parade and you’re attentive. Dogs. Now that’s worth getting out of bed for. Head to Bungarribee Park in Blacktown on the 25th of June to witness the biggest event for dogs, ever.

There’s dog skills demos, advice, kids’ activities, over 50 dog-themed stalls, and even a doggie fashion parade! You and your pup can have your faces painted, kids can have a go on the jumping castle, and your winter blues can be cured by simply being in the presence of so many cute dogs.

5. Blak Markets at Barangaroo

What better way to enjoy a day in the winter sun than by attending the Blak Markets at Barangaroo Reserve? With more than 30 stalls featuring everything from cooking demonstrations to live music and dancing, the Blak Markets on July 2nd will bring together a range of art and crafts from remote Indigenous Centres across WA, NT, and SA.

It’s a unique opportunity to browse or buy pieces directly from Indigenous artists, while also enjoying a series of workshops and demonstrations, from painting to weaving. This is an important event for all Aussies, and a great excuse to get out of bed on a Saturday.

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