5 Kids Movies Adults Will Enjoy Too

January 20, 2017
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It’s movie night and your mini cine buffs are pleading with you to put on something you just know you’ll internally moan and groan over throughout its entire duration, like one of those direct-to-DVD Barbie films or something. Don’t fret because we’ve handpicked a special selection of adult-friendly kids movies that you and your little offspring can both enjoy.

The Sandlot Kids
Ideal for all ages, The Sandlot Kids is arguably one of the best coming-of-age movies to ever grace the silver screen, and some even say that it’s better to watch when you’re an adult. Set in the ‘50s, the film is centred on new kid in town, Scotty Smalls, who like any prepubescent teenager, is awkward, shy and in dire need of some friends. He is soon taken under the wing of a young baseball prodigy and his team where innocent mischief soon unfolds. Full of laughs, wisdom and great one-liners, this iconic film is a winning number for the whole family.

The Jungle Book
With visually mesmerising CGI, a crowd-pleasing cast and an action-packed narrative, director Jon Favreau artfully brings Disney’s much-loved musical cartoon to life in the latest iteration of The Jungle Book. Clever, engaging and insanely beautiful, this film is ideal for kids of all ages, and an absolute treat for adults. Our only trigger warning is that you will be required to sit at the edge of your seat as you eagerly watch Mowgli navigate his way through the jungle trying to escape the hungry jaws of Bengal tiger, Shere Khan.

A truly clever and charming adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book, Matilda, this film is directed by Danny DeVito and is considered to be a masterpiece by many. Offbeat, yet heart-warming, the narrative is about a clever girl with magical powers who slowly frees herself, along with her pent up animosity, from a family that terminally neglects her and a teacher that only practices nastiness. A cult classic and much-loved favourite for both adults and kids alike, Matilda is all kinds of wonderful and will make you feel all kinds of emotions.

Toy Story
Disney Pixar are genius at slipping sporadic bouts of adult humour into their films that children won’t necessarily get, and Toy Story is an excellent example of this. While it’s now classified as a “classic” making its debut back in 1995, it continues to stand the test of time with its loveable characters and action-packed storyline, and certainly guarantees maximum enjoyment for both you and your little couch squad.

Mrs Doubtfire
Because Robin Williams. Need we say more? For many of us, he defined our entire childhood – no list would be complete without one of his films. While it’s hard to pick just one out of a fantastical selection, Mrs Doubtfire is a hilariously pleasurable watch for the entire family. You just can’t go wrong with Robin Williams in drag. Enough said.

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