5 Things Every Stylist Wants You to Know

September 4, 2016
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The difference between looking frumpy and fabulous is often something so small or so simple, it’s easy to overlook. This often makes the art of ‘effortless style’ something of an enigma. But these subtleties are second nature to fashion experts, who – bless their stylish hearts – don’t mind leaking the tricks of the trade from time to time. So we did a little digging and rounded up five fashion tips that we know will have you looking catwalk-ready in no time.

Your bra size
Not the bra size you think you are. We mean that surprising combination of numbers and letters that reveals itself after you’ve had a proper fitting. The one that is about two sizes off what you’ve actually been wearing. Even if you subscribe to the school of thought “out of sight out of mind”, finding out your correct size will contribute significantly to your comfort (which is a huge factor in ‘looking good’ by the way).

How much to reveal
Hint: never everything. Showing off a little skin and keeping some mystery looks sassy and sophisticated. Showing it all off… well you know what that does. If you’re going for a plunging neckline, add a little length to the hem or sleeves. If you’ve got legs for days, by all means show them off – but don’t make them fight for attention with your cleavage, back, midriff etc.

What leggings are really for
Some people can pull off top-to-toe baggy. Fewer still can pull off top-to-toe tight. For the most part, balance works best. While tights or leggings can take an oversized shirt or tee from lax to lovely, pairing them with a skin-tight tank should be reserved for the gym.

That black doesn’t actually go with everything
We’ll concede that black goes with everything, in theory. But stylists are largely in agreement that white, cream and pale neutrals are a much more fresh and modern choice, particularly when it comes to pairing with brighter colours. We’d also like to give an honourable mention to navy and charcoal. (That said, never underestimate the elegance of black-on-black).

To accessorise sparingly
Let’s remind ourselves of Coco Chanel’s words of wisdom – “remove one accessory before leaving the house.” This was a lady who wore loads of necklaces at once and absolutely killed it, so we’re more than happy to take her fashion tips on board. Make sure your earrings don’t compete with a necklace, nor your rings with your bracelets. Choose one or two areas to add some bling and let them shine!

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