The 5 Biggest Trends at Coachella 2017

April 21, 2017
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Crochet tops, flower crowns, double buns… Was there a summer trend that didn’t start at Coachella? We don’t think so. This year the flower crowns have been ditched, and while there’s still a whole heap of crochet and double buns, we’ve seen a lot of new trends emerge. From mirrored tops to bright and colourful hair and makeup, the theme this year is to stray from the norm and embrace the bold and bizarre.

As always, it’s the celebrity Instagram accounts that give us the biggest case of FOMO, with their exclusive parties and ridiculous dedication to their outfits. So, seeing as what’s worn at Coachella goes on to determine what we’ll be wearing for the next year, let’s look at the hottest looks coming out of Coachella this year…

Mirrored Tops

Picture shirts that shine with the sparkle of a disco ball – This year is all about reflectiveness, metallics, and opulence, and mirrored tops give you all three. Take inspiration from Kendall Jenner’s off the shoulder crop and hit the dance floor looking bright and funky.
Kendall Jenner

Vanessa Hudgens also stepped out in a gold mirrored top. This one’s a little less sequin-y and more futuristic, with large gold circles and a halter neck. Gold has been another theme at Coachella this year – bronzing the skin, colouring the eyelids, and shimmering through outfits.
Vanessa Hudgens

Colourful Hair

And not just any colour, either. The more unnatural, the better. This year Kylie Jenner rocked up to the festival with highlighter yellow hair – the kind of colour you’d normally find in a science lab – and she pulled it off well. The idea is to distance yourself from the norm, and the norm here is… well, normal coloured hair.

Kylie Jenner

Bright Colours

Coachella has traditionally been associated with bohemian fashion and natural, earthy tones. In 2017, however? Ditch the natural colours for the bold and unnatural. From lips to hair to outfits, bright colours are in.

Katy Perry & Jeremy Scott

Double Denim

We’ve come up with a rule for deciding whether an outfit is appropriate for Coachella 2017. Would you have worn this outfit last year? If you answered ‘no’, then it’s perfect for Coachella. Double denim is just one trend we left behind in the 80s that’s coming back. If you’re not quite brave enough to do the full double denim, then just chuck a Hailey Baldwin (above) and keep your denim jacket off your shoulders for a less intense look.

Hailey Baldwin

Emily Ratajkowski

Pastel Pink

Alright, so we’ve seen pastel pink appear at places other than Coachella, but seeing celebs don the colour at Coachella only solidifies its spot as the number one colour of 2017. From denim to trackies to dresses to shoes – the more pastel pink you incorporate into your outfit, the better.
Emma Roberts

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