5 Best Bars & Restaurants to Watch Vivid Festival

May 31, 2017
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The onset of winter may bring the blues, but Vivid Festival helps to ease the depression. Year after year, Vivid gives us all a great excuse to get out of the house during the cold months and enjoy a spectacular show of lights, art, culture, and music. Appealing to all ages and demographics, Vivid pulls in a massive crowd every year, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any less popular.

This year, you can either check out Vivid’s interactive and colourful displays of light from deep within the crowded streets, or from the peace and quiet of a good vantage point. Don’t know of any good spots where you can soak in the sights and sounds of Vivid without being caught in a hoard of people? That’s what we’re here for. Take Vivid to new heights this year, and enjoy the show from some of Sydney’s finest restaurants & bars, a safe distance from all the crowds.

MCA Café

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Circular Quay has a brilliant rooftop café that boasts incredible views of pretty much the whole of Vivid. Enjoy the show from a good perspective that allows you to capture all the festival highlights from one spot. The MCA Café is open until 9pm Wednesday to Thursday, serving up Algerian fare to coincide with the current Kader Attia exhibition at the gallery.

Soft Future Piano Bar

The Soft Future Piano Bar is a pop-up sustainable concept bar that’s all about zero waste and zero frills. Laid-back and featuring stunning views of Circular Quay from the Opera House’s Northern Foyer of the Concert Hall, the Soft Future Piano Bar is the perfect environment for absorbing some art. Listen to the soothing nightly soundtrack of synthwave, ambient jazz, and Balearic beats, and enjoy both spectating and being a part of Vivid Festival at once.

Opera Bar

It may be obvious, but Opera Bar is one of the sweetest spots to enjoy a close up view of the light show on the sails of the Opera House. Sure, you need to be a fair distance away to get a good perspective view, but if all you’re after are some instagrammable snaps, then Opera Bar will keep you at just the right distance to capture all the detail and colours of the show in your pics. Drink to your heart’s content, and nibble on some delicious snacks while taking in the views.

The Deck @ Luna Park

How about seeing Vivid Festival from the other side of the bridge for once? Crossing the harbour and enjoying a night out at Luna Park not only keeps you away from the busy Circular Quay crowds, but also allows you to enjoy the entire spectrum of the Festival at the same time. Plus, you can also enjoy the show from a rollercoaster ride or a ferris wheel. How’s that for a different experience?

The Glenmore

A classic, laid-back Aussie pub that’s been a staple at the Rocks since 1921, the Glenmore boasts a rooftop terrace with priceless views. Comfy & chilled out, you can down a few beers and enjoy hearty pub classics while taking in the sights and sounds of Circular Quay as it buzzes with the lights and action of Vivid Festival.


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