4 Accessories That Can Instantly Transform An Outfit

March 27, 2017
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Sick of wearing the same outfits over and over, but not quite ready to swap your wardrobe for some new threads? It’s easy to change up the look and feel of an outfit with accessories – after all, that’s what they’re there for. If you wouldn’t exactly define yourself as a fashionista and have no idea where to begin with accessorising, we’re here to help.


Throwing on a scarf can bring a bit of colour, texture, shape, and warmth to your outfit. An oversized scarf can dress down an outfit while a patterned scarf can bring a bohemian element. You can use scarves all kinds of ways – tie them into a belt, around your hair, around your collar choker-style or even around a handbag to add some flair.


Nobody really thinks about how shoes can transform an entire outfit. While they’re definitely an important element of any outfit, not many people think of pairing outfits with different shoes to create different looks. Next time, why not wear your jeans and plain t-shirt with a pair of high heels? Or that little black dress with a pair of sneakers? There alone are two whole new looks to explore.


The power of jewellery in transforming an outfit is, in our opinion, quite understated. While jewellery is always seen as being an important part of an outfit, people rarely see it as something transformative. Wrong, we say! Add a bold, chunky necklace to breathe some quirk and life into an ordinary outfit. Throw on some dangly earrings to add a bit of glam to an otherwise casual affair. Draw attention to your neckline with a fitted choker. The options for mixing and matching jewellery with your outfits is almost endless.

Hair Accessories

You may have thrown on a number of outfit transforming accessories, but if your hair is always looking the same, it’s unlikely to make an impact. Throw in some hair accessories, or just play around with the way you style your hair, to give outfits a whole new look. Try on an outfit with curly hair, try it on with straight. Wear a headband, or tie a scarf around your hair. Put in some cute hair pins, or wear your fringe up rather than down. Try something different and see how it can make your usual go-to outfit look completely new.

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