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January 12, 2017
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Red carpet season has officially kicked off with Sunday marking the 74th annual Golden Globes event. For Hollywood, it’s an exclusive evening where stars are commended and recognised for their talent across television and film. For us? Where all the latest fashion and beauty trends are revealed for the year ahead.

Plunging necklines and bold chokers appeared to be an obvious favourite amongst the A-listers, but what really shocked us was not the fashion. The ever-so-popular ruby red lips and smoky eyes were few and far between this year, as celebrities opted for a far subtler look.

Yep, you guessed it ladies – this year’s hottest trend is “no makeup” makeup. We’re talking effortless beauty (which we all know took hours to accomplish), beachy waves and a whole lot of nude.

We won’t be attending any red carpet award ceremonies any time soon (one can dream), but luckily this is one trend that can be worn day-to-day – and we’re loving it!

We’ve taken a few tips and tricks from the pros to create the perfect ‘natural’ summer look.


To create the perfect beach waves, grab a barrel curler and put some loose curls throughout your hair. Taking a sea salt spray, distribute the product evenly throughout the hair and tousle the curls until you achieve beachy waves. No hairspray is necessary as the sea salt will act as a holding agent – you want the hair to look as product-free as possible. For a look more suitable for the evening, simply slick the hair back into a pony with a light styling mousse or twist into a messy bun.


red carpet Ditch the fake lashes and winged liner. Think neutral – taupe’s, soft browns, baby peach. Take a fluffy domed blending brush to gently dust the shadow over your eyelid. Ensure you tap the excess off the brush so minimal product is used. To create some subtle definition, take a brown pencil and trace lightly across the lash line. To soften this, use an angled brush to gently smudge the line until it blends in. To complete the look, apply a thin layer of mascara to the top and bottom lashes to achieve a subtle tint.


red carpet For the face to look as natural as possible, a hydrating moisturiser, paired with a long-lasting primer is essential. This will create the perfect base for you to work with and allow your makeup to glide on. We recommend using an orange pigment underneath the eyes to counteract any purple undertones caused by tiredness. In addition, a concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin will aid in brightening the under-eye without causing it to look unnatural. Once your foundation is applied, dust a light peach blush into your cheekbones, making sure to use a light hand to avoid build up.


One word: nude. For paler complexions, it’s best to stick to sheer shades with a pink undertone. Avoid lipsticks with an orange hue. For tanned complexions, true nudes and beige tones brighten the skin, creating a beautiful glow.

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