14 Potent Vitamins For Younger and Healthier Skin

January 13, 2017
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Most skincare products out there claim that you’ll achieve healthy and great-looking skin once you start using them. But, if you want to attain the absolute best for your skin without any side effects whatsoever, then it has to be through vitamins.

We get the lowdown from Amelia, Editor of, on why vitamins are so important for your skin. Over to you, Amelia!

Get your five a day.

Fruit and vegetables are the best way to get vitamins into your body, so you should consume at least five portions a day. But if you’re a person who consumes an excess of meat and dairy products, then it’s time that you cut your meat and dairy intake. This is because these food items contain saturated fats that may cause pimples in certain people. It is better to opt for the products that have a lower glycemic index like sweet potatoes, apple, oatmeal, etc.

Don’t crash diet.

It’s definitely vital to reduce your calorie intake, but make sure you never crash diet. This is because your body may go into emergency mode and your vital organs might not be able to work without the energy needed. Also, add herbs to your diet that can be beneficial to your skin.

Catch some rays.

Although getting too much sun can be bad for your skin, lack of adequate sun exposure can also prove to be harmful. This is because the sun’s rays are one of the most important sources of Vitamin D. It’s also important to note that Vitamin D along with C, K, and E are the most beneficial vitamins for our skin.

Know your vitamins.

Vitamin D is imperative in creating healthy cells. It can effectively combat skin diseases like Psoriasis. Vitamin C is crucial in healing body wounds, stimulating the production of collagen and reducing cell damage. Both Vitamin C and E are antioxidants as well. Vitamin E plays a significant role in combating dryness and in keeping your skin conditioned.

Avoid junk food.

Vitamins are the building blocks of our body. They help in maintaining a healthy body and play a significant role in nourishing your skin, hair and everything else. The primary source of vitamins should be a healthy diet no matter what. If you are bingeing on junk foods, you won’t get the ample amount of minerals and vitamins that are vital in maintaining a healthy diet. In short, when it comes to skin care – eating well is the secret to healthy and younger-looking skin.

Stay hydrated.

The importance of water is never to be underestimated. Staying hydrated can help you tackle a lot of skin care problems like age spots, fine lines, and blemishes, so make sure you get your 2 litres of H20 a day. Consuming a healthy diet and remaining hydrated can also effectively combat external hazards like pollution and UV rays.

If you want to know more about the different food items that include vital vitamins, then you can take a look at the following infographic – 14 Potent Vitamins for Younger and Healthier Skin. Devise a perfect diet based on the food items listed in the infographic and be ready to welcome a healthier body and better skin.

Amelia is the Editor of, which contains lots of useful tips and skincare advice on best vitamin C serums, moisturisers and DIY recipes that will give you great-looking skin without any side effects.


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