100 Things to be Happy About

January 12, 2018
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Happiness is a funny thing. You’ll find it in a variety of places at a variety of times. Sometimes you expect it. Sometimes it completely knocks you off your feet. Sometimes it’s big. And sometimes it’s something teensy tiny that brings a smile to your face. Interestingly, what makes one person happy isn’t necessarily the same as what makes the next person happy.

Too many of us spend time feeling unhappy… and sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of all the truly excellent things in the world. So on that note; here’s a (completely non-comprehensive) list of things to be happy about.

1. Rainy Sundays when you don’t need to leave the house

2. Wet puppy noses on the edge of the bed

3. Discovering a jumper you forgot you owned

4. Getting a compliment from a stranger

5. Getting a compliment from a loved one

6. Red wine

7. New gym clothes

8. Family

9. Planning a holiday

10. Skipping

11. Styling the perfect outfit

12. Sitting quietly with a coffee at 5am while the rest of the world sleeps

13. Dessert

14. Half-price Easter eggs in the week after Easter

15. Going for a walk with a friend

16. Trampolining

17. Discovering a new shade of lipstick

18. Spooning

19. Picnics

20. Laying on your back on the grass, watching the clouds roll by

21. Fresh flowers

22. Your favourite song coming on the radio

23. Hitting the snooze button

24. Laying on the lounge with a cup of tea and a book

25. Finding a car park, right next to the shops

26. Cat memes

27. Fresh pasta

28. Open fireplaces

29. A soft brie with quince paste

30. Finding the perfect little black dress

31. Deciding on a signature scent

32. Sparkling mineral water

33. Sharing a really powerful TED talk

34. Ugg boots

35. Unlikely animal friends

36. Love notes

37. Dinner at your favourite restaurant

38. Closing your eyes as your plane takes off

39. A hot shower in the middle of winter

40. Diving into the ocean

41. Finding your jeans-soulmate

42. Hugs

43. Cronuts

44. Getting a package in the mail

45. Dad’s advice

46. Having a good hair day

47. Perfectly symmetrical eyeliner

48. A tough workout

49. Brunch

50. The perfect cup of coffee

51. Re-runs of your favourite TV show

52. Toasted cheese sandwiches

53. Scarves

54. Crunchy peanut butter on apple

55. ‘Just because’ presents

56. Sexy lingerie

57. Bow ties

58. New Year’s Eve

59. Australian seafood

60. Candlelight

61. Planning a wedding outfit

62. Vanilla milkshakes in metal cups

63. Egyptian cotton sheets

64. Winter boots

65. Friendly baristas

66. Chocolate covered sultanas

67. Trying new flavours

68. Bonds trackies

69. Lunch dates

70. 24-hour cafes

71. Travelling to far-off places

72. Giggling babies

73. Family get-togethers

74. Getting stronger

75. Buying a new bedspread

76. Seeing someone smiling to themselves

77. The smell of a barbecue in summer

78. Fresh sheets

79. Breakfast in bed

80. A perfectly cooked steak

81. Mum’s hug

82. The smell of rain

83. FaceTime dates

84. Fresh orange juice

85. Birthday cake

86. Animal rescue stories

87. Getting a seat on the train

88. Hula hooping

89. The sound of laughter through your window

90. Sailing

91. New sunglasses

92. Time with your best friend

93. Dancing alone in the living room

94. Gin and tonic on a Sunday afternoon

95. Learning to surf

96. Scrabble

97. Mangoes

98. Fortune cookies

99. Re-reading your favourite book in a warm bath

100. Going to bed early

Life is too short not to be happy and happiness needs to be shared! Tell us about the things that make you smile over on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

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