10 Things To Check Before Heading To The Races

October 19, 2017
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Off & Racing.

Spring Racing season is in full swing, but before you head trackside there’s a few things to check off your list.  We’re assuming you’ve already bagged yourself a fabulous frock and a ticket inside, but we’ve rounded up what else you might forget next race day…

1. Ready, Set, Go

A spritz of good quality setting spray will keep your make up looking fresh all day long. That means less time touching up in the bathroom and more time cheering on a winner.

2. Lip Service

A touch of lippy can transform an entire look, so choose your hue carefully. It’s likely you’ll be snacking on canapés and sipping champagne throughout the day, so be wary of anything too bold! Don’t forget to pack it your clutch to keep your lips looking fresh.

3. Fancy Footwork

When factoring in footwear for the day, remember there may be a lot of time spent standing around on grass. Opt for a wider heel, stock up on party feet and spare band-aids to avoid walking home heels in hand.

4. Drop-dead Gorgeous

While you can’t control the clear skies, you can control clear eyes! A few drops of Clear Eyes into each pupil will help keep you looking fresh-eyed and ready to race.

5. All Taped Up

Plunging neckline and strong winds is never a good look. Protect your assets by packing some spare Hollywood tape – you never know when you’ll need it!

6. Let Your Hair Down

Speaking of wind, take the time to make sure your locks are loaded and ready to go. When leaving the house, ensure your fascinator is in place with a generous amount of hair spray, and don’t forget to pack a spare brush and hair tie in case trackside is a bit too breezy!

7. Meet & Greet

Keep things simple and select a central meeting point for your crew. Things can get crowded on the bigger Cup Days, and while it’s fun to make new friends, you don’t want to spend your day losing and finding your racing buddies!

8. Find a Guide

No one wants to turn up with zero idea what’s going on. Spend five minutes browsing the race guide or asking a betting friend – knowing a race favourite will not only be an excellent talking point but help you enjoy the day even more!.

9. Take Charge

While it’s important to immerse yourself in the day and avoid screen time, bring along a spare charger so you can make sure you take enough happy snaps, and in case you get lost!

10. Dollars and Scents

The last thing to do before heading out the door a spritz of your fragrance of choice. We recommend opting for a compact travel-size bottle to keep in your clutch for regular touch ups.

Are you heading to the races this spring season? Shop all your trackside essentials in our latest edit.

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