Mirror Mirror: Stylish Shades

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? From the A/W 2012 runways to style set on the streets, it seems that mirrored sunglasses are fashion’s fairest this season!

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Sunglasses Special: Fresh Styles

The season of slip-slop-slap-wrap is finally here, so protect those eyes with these sunglasses styles fresh off the runway. From glamorous cat’s eye shapes to candy colours good enough to eat – this season is all about having fun with your frames!

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Sass & Bide Launch Sunglasses Collection

Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton of Sydney label sass & bide are Australian fashion darlings. You’d be hard pressed to find a serious fashion buyer worth their salt who doesn’t worship their line of jeans religiously. The ladies stiletto-stalk from strength to strength in the style sphere, launching one lust-worthy collection after another.

Now Clarke and Middleton have added a 10-piece sass & bide eyewear collection to their 2011-12 lookbook. Pre-destined to be the cult accessory for ‘it’ girls this summer, the ultra-hip sunglasses feature futuristic frames with a touch of retro styling and have a distinctive star on the tip of each pair. Entitled King of Plenty, the collection evokes sass & bide‘s ethos of style, fun and glamour.

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Glow in the Dark Sunglasses: Hot or Not?

Want the Kanye West look? These futuristic sunglasses by Nooka are a cool shade of blue in the daytime, but at night glow bright green.

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