Ring Parade: Make A Statement

Mixing and matching multiple statement rings is a great way to express a little personality in your daily accessorising. The trend has been snapped on streets around the globe, with many fashionistas taking their ring styling and stacking to new heights.

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All Choked Up!

Bold, statement choker style necklaces are making a huge comeback this season, according to recent street style trends.

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Would You Wear It? Bug Inspired Jewellery

You might not be particularly thrilled to discover a scarab beetle crawling over your wrist or a spider wrapped around your finger, but how would you feel if these creepy crawlies featured as a bejeweled ring or a shining silver necklace?
‘Bee Story’ cuff by Venice Jewellery.
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A Send-off Worthy of a True Hollywood Star

After an extensive world tour, the late Elizabeth Taylor’s epic jewellery collection smashed worldwide auction records as it was sold off in New York yesterday. Some 269 diamonds, pearls, rubies, rings, and necklaces were among the lots, as well as outfits and Oscars owned by the lauded star, who passed away in 2010. Expected to raise around $30 million, by the time the last bid was placed, the collection had instead fetched a phenomenal $115,932,000 USD.
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Kate Moss Promotes Her Debut Jewellery Line

Who better to model Kate Moss’ new jewellery collection than the supermodel herself?

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Top 5: Dangerous Accessories

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but spikes on jewels can look pretty stylish. If you’re in the mood to dress dangerously, proceed with caution around these sharp accessories!

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