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Get Excited for some Young Fashion and Street Wear bargains!

This week we are bringing affordable Young fashion and Street wear to you with some of our favourite local and international labels.

Here is a sneak peak of what is to come…









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Our Stylist picks and selected trends from Hugo Boss…

UniColour (2)
Above: 1) Mint coloured jeans 2) Smart casual sneakers 3) Navy blue polo


Work Essentials
Above: 1) Essential work shirts 2) Must have winter ties 3) Polished perfect work shoes


Sport Luxe3
Above: 1) Track pants 2) Designer flip flops 3) Royal blue pull over


Designer File: Aurelio Costarella

Focusing on textile development, detailed cutting and quality craftsmanship, the Aurelio Costarella brand is the epitome of Australian designer fashion, and a cut above the industry.

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Kobi Levi: If the Shoe Fits

Fun, inspiring and just the right amount of sexy, Kobi Levi’s designs bring a special kind of life to shoes by infusing them with the essence of the everyday.

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Designer File: Zimmermann

With season after season of sophisticated design and an innovative fusion of fashion and swimwear, iconic Aussie label Zimmermann has garnered recognition from fashionistas across the globe.

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Designer File: Versace

Italian brand Versace is renowned for its sexy, more-is-more glamour, garnering a reputation as one of the most beloved fashion houses in the world.

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Designer File: NOBODY Denim

In 1999 the NOBODY brand was born – a label founded on the belief that the simple act of making jeans can be ingrained with integrity and creativity, and representative of a true passion for denim.

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Designer File: Christian Dior

Considered one of history’s premier fashion figures, Christian Dior’s designs revolutionised women’s fashion following the bleak wartime years, creating a brand that today remains one of the world’s most influential.

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