brandsExclusive is Australia’s leading private shopping club, specialising in men’s and women’s fashion, accessories and lifestyle products.

Our members enjoy shopping for their favourite designer brands at significantly reduced prices of up to 70% off retail. Membership to brandsExclusive is free and there are no obligations.

Each day, brandsExclusive run sales events for premium brands from Australia and all over the world, each lasting only a few days. As a member, you’ll receive email invitations for each event, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to grab one of our great deals.

Behind brandsExclusive is an experienced team of fashion and e-commerce experts dedicate to providing the best online shopping experience possible. Our fashion scouts are constantly out there, scouring both Australian and global fashion centres for the trends, brands and products you’ve always wanted to get your hands on.

Unit C-2
3-29 Birnie Ave
Lidcombe, NSW, 2141