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International Label Etienne Marcel…

With a Fresh Take on Denim…


Fittingly named after an 18th Century French merchant whose success came from his incredible sense of innovation, Etienne Marcel was born in 2011 out of a desire to offer the world a fresh take on denim. It is also fitting that Etienne Marcel is the name of one of the most popular streets in Paris. Using only the finest fabrics from Europe, the line has set a new standard for premium denim.

The design team travels the world, gathering inspiration and discovering new methods to create denim that is unique yet timeless. This results in a spectacular line of denim that suits a wide array of people while noticeably separating itself from the countless denim brands that are currently in the market.

The 60s inspired Fall/Winter 2013 collection mixes rock-and-roll and ethnic influences, heavily focusing on details. On multiple styles, one can find a signature red zipper detail that polishes off the jeans and acts as an unmistakable marker for the brand.




Ettienne Gif



EtienneBanner 3SH




Our Stylist picks and selected trends from Hugo Boss…

UniColour (2)
Above: 1) Mint coloured jeans 2) Smart casual sneakers 3) Navy blue polo


Work Essentials
Above: 1) Essential work shirts 2) Must have winter ties 3) Polished perfect work shoes


Sport Luxe3
Above: 1) Track pants 2) Designer flip flops 3) Royal blue pull over


Your guide to Oscars beauty!

This week we talk Oscars beauty! Which celebs got it right and what were the hero products of their make-up look? We show you how to create your own red carpet magic at home and on a budget!


Get the look here:

  1. L’Oreal infallible 24HR eye shadow in Gleaming Bronze
  2. L’Oreal Hip Kohl eyeliner in Black
  3. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Blackest Black

Get the look here:

  1. Maybelline SuperStay 14HR Lip Colour in Wine & Forever
  2. Maybelline SuperStay 10HR Stain Gloss in Pleasing Plum.


Get the look here:

  1. L’Oreal True Match Liquid Makeup
  2. L’Oreal Infallible Concealer
  3. L’Oreal Magic Smooth Soufflé Blush in Angelic on

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Feb Fresh Sale: New Home


Fresh Feb means a fresh new look for your home!

Today we talk an easy breezy home refresh using the décor trends set to be hot in 2014, from Swedish interior stylists Alvhem Makleri.


Blue Accents

From vibrant indigo shades to egg shells and teals, blue accents are a must for 2014. Introduce the trend at your place through a rug, a cushion or a funky ornament.


Adding a few pops of an accent colour to a room will instantly harmonise the space. In this dining room, a stunning blue rug and robin’s egg fridge makes a mark on a monochrome background. new-home-3-blue-accents-in-the-dining-room

New Botanics

An appreciation for the beauty of nature remains right in style, with new botanicals in the form of leaves, vines, and a variety of forest creatures taking the place of last season’s floral blooms.


Botanicals make for excellent wallpaper accents for a feature wall or for adorning the entire room, bringing a soothing, calming presence to the space. Other ways to embrace the trend include prints on soft furnishings, lampshades or framed artworks.


Modern Tribal

Tribal, eclectic influences from across the world meet to provide a rich and eclectic cultural tapestry for design inspiration that is introduced in subtle, attentive ways to the modern space.


The trend allows for experimentation in the form of mismatched furnishings, Aztec inspired prints, layered rugs and plenty of natural fibres.



A big look on the latest fashion runways, monochrome can be translated into the home in a chic and stylish way that really packs a punch! Build the space in a rainbow of tones – blacks, greys, whites and neutrals in various prints, textures and heights.


Monochrome tones work particularly well in the bedroom for a totally laidback, dreamtime feel.


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Feb Fresh Sale: New You


Are your new year’s resolutions starting to feel like a distant memory? It’s never too late to kick-start your health and start feeling fresh and cleansed. Amp up the nutrients in your diet and you’ll soon feel your energy pick up, your mood improve, stress decrease and anxiety fade away.

“Eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet helps to balance hormones and improve immunity” says Cassie Mendoza-Jones, naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and founder of Elevate Vitality, a boutique naturopathic clinic in the heart of Bondi Beach, Sydney.



Cassie lives for healing power of nature (and a good dark chocolate). She recommends introducing a few nutrient rich ‘super foods’ in to your diet. Here’s the scoop on some of her favorites:



Coconut boosts the immune system, it’s anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-viral, and antibacterial. It can improve digestion, stabilise blood sugar levels, and increase your energy and metabolism.


Cacao is incredibly high in antioxidants and magnesium, and also contains iron, copper, calcium, potassium and zinc. It’s known for boosting energy and mental alertness, alleviating soreness (perfect post-gym) and sending your mood soaring.


Turmeric is an awesome spice for liver detoxification. It’s super high in antioxidants, reduces inflammation, and protects the liver. It also improves digestion and can lower cholesterol levels. Amazingly, turmeric has been found to possess preventative effects against skin, stomach, colon, prostate, breast and oral cancer in mice.

Maca root

Maca powder is an incredible herb when it comes to balancing hormones. It stimulates and nourishes the hypothalamaus and pituitary glands – the “master” glands that regulate and balance your hormonal and adrenal functions. This herb is classed as an “adaptogen”, meaning it raises the body’s resistance to stress of any kind.


Seaweed – e.g. nori in sushi, or wakame in miso soup – prevents the absorption of and increases the excretion of toxins. Plus it’s delicious, cleansing and high in nutrients like protein, iodine, calcium and B vitamins.

Cleansing veggies

Vegetables from the Brassica family, such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale and cabbage, are incredibly detoxifying. They are high in fibre, and also help to excrete excess hormones from the body


The original superfood, eggs are nutrient powerhouses that support healthy cholesterol and sex hormone production. It’s perfectly acceptable to eat 1-2 organic, free-range eggs a day. Not only are they versatile, but they’re also digested really well.

Himalayan pink salt

Rich with 84 minerals, this salt is wonderful for boosting energy, supporting the adrenal glands and improving mineral consumption. Use it in your everyday cooking, and you can even add a pinch to your water bottle before heading out to the gym. The mineral-rich salt will keep your cells replenished even while you’re sweating it out to Beyoncé.


It may be little, but garlic is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It improves heart health, reduces cholesterol, blood sugar levels and high blood pressure. It also protects the liver, and has antimicrobial and immune-enhancing properties



Follow Cassie’s easy and delicious meal plan below, and you’ll soon the benefits of making the super food change and wonder what took you so long to start!


RECIPES: Recovery Smoothie, Bliss Balls, Crispy Paprika Fish, Bircher Muesli, Wild Salmon Salad, Almond Meal Pancakes, Almost Baked Eggs

For more healing and cleansing meal plans tailored specifically to your dietarneeds, visit Cassie at elivatevitality.com.au, and make that change today! 


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Feb Fresh Sale: New Hobby


‘F45’ is short for Functional 45 Minute Training.  Luke develops all training programs across the group, based on tried and true functional movement patterns tested on celebrity and corporate clients, including Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman!


Luke is passionate about building strong, lean, well-functioning bodies, optimizing his clients’ individual range of movement, strength, speed, power, agility, and perhaps most importantly, health and happiness.


“Back in the early childhood days for myself, getting fit essentially meant going for a run around the park for an hour or so until you got bored with it or until the local dogs chased you away!” says Luke.

“But with so many new and great options available to us all, the excuses for not having fun and also getting fit are pretty thin.  Here’s a few of my favourite activities  I tell my friends and clients to try.”

Indoor Rock climbing 

You’ll love it if you’re:  Time poor and love being in the great outdoors on the weekends.

You’ll hate it if you’re:  Afraid of heights, or have trust issues.

Your body will love you for it because: It’s a great workout, and your upper body especially gets worked hard. The stronger you become, the more defined your arms will be.

What you’ll need to get motivated: A trusty rock climbing buddy to guide you from below, and remind you of how easy it looks from where they are!

 Stand Up Paddle-boarding  (SUP) 

You’ll love it if you’re:  A lover of the ocean.

You’ll hate it if you’ve: Ever watched Jaws as a kid!

Your body will love you for it because: This is a great workout for your midsection, upper body and most importantly, your mental state. With both your balance and power being tested at all times, and gliding along the open waters, this workout can be as peaceful as a meditation session, or as intense as open water racing.

What you’ll need to get motivated: A bit of early morning sunshine, but failing that, a dorsal fin behind you!

Activity: Kickboxing / MMA training

You’ll love it if you’ve: Ever had an older brother. Or have a horrible ex-boyfriend/ girlfriend who you would secretly love to show what you really thought of them!

You’ll hate it if you’re: Afraid to break a nail.

Your body will love you for it because:  It’s a great stress relief. Being in your physical mind and hitting the pads or bags at 110 percent is a fantastic and empowering feeling.  

What you’ll need to get motivated: A tough day at the office or some repressed memories of your childhood nemesis. It’s also great to have a buddy who is of the same physical strength and fitness that you are to practice with.

Activity: F45 Training    

You’ll love it if you’re: Overweight or super fit, shy or extroverted, uncoordinated or coordinated… there’s something for everyone!

You’ll hate it if you’re: Afraid of a good time with other people.

Your body will love you for it because: With innovative programs incorporating everything from athletic training, strength training, cardio training, super metabolic circuit training, running clubs and plenty more, we are creating a culture of lean, fit mobile bodies ready to tackle the world head on and come out smiling with some new friends.

What you’ll need to get motivated: Just one session to experience the magic it’s been creating!



Luke is so confident you’ll love F45, that he is offering anyone who mentions this article a week’s free trial at any of the F45 studios! For more information or to find a gym near you, visit Luke and the team at www.f45training.com.au

Some of the brandsExclusive team has already taken advantage of the offer, heading down to Luke’s gym in Paddington,Sydney, to try our hand at a great to way to get fit!



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