Easter Egg Hunt: Day 1

Welcome to the first day of the brandsExclusive Easter Egg Hunt! Over the next two days, you’ll have the opportunity to hunt for fabulous goodies hidden on the brandsExclusive website. We’ll be giving away at least one prize each day and leaving hints on the blog and our Facebook fanpage.

How does it work?

An image of an Easter Egg will be hidden amongst our various Sales Events at some point during the day. Once you find the Easter Egg, all you need to do is email easter@bex.com.au with the URL or description of the webpage on which the Easter Egg is located. The first brandsExclusive member with a correct response will win the prize! * Conditions apply.

What’s on offer today?

One digital camera – RRP $199!  Head to www.brandsExclusive.com.au and start searching!

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