brandsExclusive and Studio 10 raise $22,000 to Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon

The Studio 10 cast pulling the famous Posh pose.

The Studio 10 cast pulling the famous Posh pose.

Talk about stripping for a good cause! The cast of Studio 10 - Ita Buttrose, Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand and Jessica Rowe - sold the clothes off their backs on Pink Ribbon Day through brandsExclusive to raise  funds to Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon.


In addition to the celebrity outfits that were listed, brandsExclusive hosted a charity sale with hundreds of discounted designer items from brands such as Versace, Hugo Boss and Yves Saint Laurent and donated all of the proceeds (less the cost of shipping) straight to Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon.


brandsExclusive was able to raise $22,000 for the Cancer Council through the event.


“We wanted to help raise funds for Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon, and support the thousands of women and their families who are affected by cancer every year,” said Craig van Zyl, CEO of brandsExclusive.


“The results exceeded our expectations, and we are proud to have raised funds for this very charitable cause with the help of our fashion savvy customers.”


Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon is the only cancer charity in Australia that funds research to beat breast and gynaecological cancers, while also supporting the entire cancer journey.

Studio 10 airs on Network Ten from 8.30am every day.


#ThrowbackThursday: Three trends to love from Dynasty

The cast of the 1980s hit drama show Dynasty are still being slagged off for their hideous outfits, which mirrored the trends of the time – think puffy sleeves and ginormous shoulder pads.

However, looking back at some of the styles sported by the leading ladies – and sworn enemies – Joan Collins and Linda Evans, there are actually some looks to love.


Slinky sex sirens

 Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

Silk tops are very much considered a fashion staple today. However, the slinky silk blouses à la Dynasty - with deep, plunging necklines – definitely had more sex appeal to them!


Golden girls

Image source: Pinterest.

Image source: Pinterest.

Want to ooze glamour? Then get your gold and glitter on! Sure, the Gatsby trend brought sparkles back in fashion, but Carey Mulligan has got nothing on these divas!


Monochrome muse

Image source:

Image source:

There’s nothing like a bit of Derby Day glamour to glam a mundane Monday up! For extra dramatic effect, add a veil.


What do you think of the Dynasty divas’ outfits – love or loathe? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

J-Law’s best quotes about fashion, beauty & body

J-Law lays down the law on fashion and beauty.

J-Law lays down the law on fashion and beauty.

Who doesn’t have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence? The Hunger games starlet is loved for her hilarious quotes from everything about farting to stalking John Stamos.

Here at brandsExclusive, we love J-Law for her down-to-earth attitude towards fashion and beauty – a far cry from the rest of the pampered  A-list princesses. Here are our top picks!


J-Law was surprised by the lack of camel toe drama in this wetsuit.

J-Law was surprised by the lack of camel toe drama in this wetsuit.

“I’d rather look chubby on screen and like a person in real life.”/On her, according to the tabloids, “weight struggles” to Marie Claire South Africa.


“I hate saying, ‘I like exercising’ – I want to punch people who say that.” /On her workout routine.


“I think people are fascinated with breasts that bounce. They are so used to seeing [fake ones]. People are confused [that mine bounce]! My breasts have a life of their own.” /On the attention her all natural boobs get.


“I really would not call myself a fashion icon. I would call myself somebody who gets dressed by professionals. [It's like], ‘Dance, monkey, dance’ right on the red carpet.’ I would call me more of a monkey.” /On her new status as a red carpet style icon to E!


“If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ I’m like, ‘You can go f– yourself.” /On being called fat, to Harper’s Bazaar UK.


“I was surprised at how little camel toe problem there was. I was expecting a lot more.”On the wetsuit she wears in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, to E!


BeautyHack: How to repair a broken blush

Easy, peasy! Image source:

Easy, peasy! Image source:

Alcohol can help if you have a broken heart, and  it can also help you fix a broken compact blush or a smashed eye shadow!

So don’t throw out your smashed up make up - with these few simple steps you can revive them.


All you need is:

  • Rubbing alcohol (get it at the chemist – don’t use vodka or any other drinkable alcohol!)
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Spatula or knife
  • Disposable chop sticks
  • A coin


Now let’s get to work!


1) If your blush is broken in larger pieces, use a pen, knife or spatula to break it down into a fine powder. This will make the make up easier to put back together.


2) Add at last 10 drops of alcohol, and using your chop sticks – make sure to use disposable ones, as the colour will rub off – mix the alcohol and powder well together until it turns into a paste.


3) For a nice finish, take a coin and cover it in plastic wrap, and press so you pack the powder back to together.


4) Leave to set and dry for at least a couple of hours – and voila!

8 Celebrity Budget Beauty Secrets to Steal

Lauren Conrad has a great beauty tip for puffy eyes. Source:

Lauren Conrad has a great beauty tip for puffy eyes. Source:

They may have millions in the bank, but these stunning A-listers have budget beauty secrets anyone can steal!

We have listed our fave tips, which include brushing your teeth with strawberries (one word: yum!) or putting potatoes on your eyelids.


For longer lashes

Actress Isla Fisher has a great tip to make your eyelash curler work harder.

“To make lashes curl better, take a hair dryer to your eyelash curler for one or two seconds before using it,” she advises.

And if you don’t have an eyelash curler? Supermodel Miranda Kerr recommends heading to the kitchen.

“You can curl your eyelashes with a spoon if you don’t have an eyelash curler,” she says.


For whiter teeth

Catherine Zeta-Jones has a dazzling smile, and reveals she enhances her pearly whites by brushing them with strawberries.
“I was told it is a natural teeth whitener, and it really works for me. And anyway, strawberries taste better than most toothpastes,” she says.


For a good scrub

Cate Blanchett swears by olive and macademia oils to get her perfect complexion.

“I incorporate them into a homemade scrub with grapefruit juice and sea salt — a beauty trick taught to me by a friend of mine,” she says.


For a budget moisturiser

Emma Stone has a lot of allergies, so most beauty products are a no-go for her.

“So I just use natural grapeseed oil from the grocery store on my face as a moisturiser. After the shower, I pat it on, and then I’ll use it throughout the day and at night. I pretty much smell like grape all the time,” she says.


For puffy eyes

The always stunning Lauren Conrad has a tat tip for puffy eyes.

“To reduce puffiness, slice up a few refrigerated potatoes, soak them in water for a moment or two and then place them over your lids for 15 minutes. Works like a charm,” she promises.


For great fake eyelashes

We all know how hard applying fake eyelashes can be, but RuPaul, drag queen extraordinaire, has helpful advice to share.

“If you clip them [the fake eyelashes] into four different pieces it makes it easier to apply the lashes. Most people can’t put the whole strip on at once. Sometimes its hard to do one strip at once,” he says.


For everything

Jennifer Lopez really loves Vaseline, and says she uses it for most things.

“You can use Vaseline for everything! To take off makeup, moisturize your knees and elbows,” she recommends.


Do you have any budget beauty secrets? Share in the comments below!

How to dress between seasons

Scarves are perfect for dressing between seasons.  Image Source:

Scarves are perfect for dressing between seasons.
Image Source:

Didn’t someone tell Mother Nature it’s spring? Beautiful days that turn cold and cloudy at the drop of the hat can make getting dressed in the morning a hit-and-hope kind of gig.

Do you wear that heavy coat which keeps you warm during the chilly mornings but will make you boil come lunch time, or opt for the summery dress that will feel nippy in the morning, but is perfect for the afternoon?

Thankfully, there are simple solutions to these wardrobe woes!


Wear the best of both worlds

A cute three-quarter length dress paired with a denim jacket offers versatility and coverage. Too hot? Jacket off. Too cold? Jacket on. Want to err on the side of caution? Go for a maxi dress.


Layers are your friend

Cardigans and scarves are the easiest way to warm up and cool down depending on which direction the mercury is heading. They aren’t as bulky as a coat, so they’re easy to take off and keep in your handbag as the day goes on. Scarves also make a great addition to any outfit – just make sure to pick one out of a material that’s relatively lightweight to avoid getting literally too hot under the collar.


Be prepared

Weather can be hard to predict, but you can be prepared for when a four-seasons-in-one-day hits you. Leave a coat or sweater in the back of your car or at the office for those suddenly chilly days.


Shop great cross season pieces here!

#ThrowbackThursday: Britney & Justin’s Double Denim Date

Double denim duo - Britney & JT in 2001. Image source:

Double denim duo – Britney & JT in 2001. Image source:

Who can forget Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s matching head-to-toe in denim at the 2001 American Music Awards? The outfits landed the couple on the top of many worst-dressed-lists at the time.

As we all know, double denim has since then made a fashion comeback – and has been considered trendy for quite some while now.

What do you think – is double denim a yay or nay?


#BeautyHack: How to Save Your Nail Polish

Keep your polish pretty with some simple steps.

Keep your polish pretty with some simple steps.

A pop of colour on your nails can brighten any outfit. So who can blame a girl for having a polish in every colour of the rainbow – and then some?

However, chances are some of those nail polishes have gone from glam to gluggy.

But don’t worry – you can make your polish pretty again with a few simple tricks!

 1. Heat it up

Warmth can help the polish to become thinner if it has gone gluggy. Give the bottle a light shake to get the colour pigments inside to blend back together.  Gently roll the bottle between the palm of your hands, and hopefull


2. Use a nail polish thinner.

If the consistency is still too thick, grab a nail polish thinner (most major nail polish brands have them), add a few drops and lightly shake the bottle to mix the two together. Test the viscosity of the nail polish and keep adding thinner until the right consistency is reached. Now, get started on that manicure!


3. Use a clear nail polish

If you don’t have thinner, just follow the steps above but add clear nail polish instead of the thinner.


3.  Be proactive

The easiest and best way to avoid nail polish drying out is to look after it. Store your nail polish in a cool, dry place where bottles can stand upright – under the sink in the bathroom is ideal. Keep nail polish out of direct sunlight and out of places subject to extreme temperature change. When you are doing your manicure, try to minimise the amount of exposure to air as this will cause the nail polish to dry out quicker – and always make sure you remember to put the lid back on and tightly!


What are your top tips for perfect polish? Share in the comments below!